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Once we find an incredibly cool product that existed in volume in the past, Russell Johnson Imports finds a family to restore them and helps to set them up with their own business. We help them with using the Internet, opening a bank account, taking orders by fax or email, etc. They begin collecting and restoring that single item all over the country and thusly develop their own local business. For example, production for the first month is 100 units, 2nd month 200 and by the end of 6 months, their production is about 500 units per month. They in turn sell us the products and we resell and market to customers in the USA. This way we all have our own business and support each other. We have worked with many small families all over Argentina for the past 15 years and have restored vintage telephones, seltzer water vintage bottles, apothecary jars and many other cool items which today are popular as green gifts and unique wedding gifts.

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